The Rainbow Bridge

CZARKA z Sudowii (2000-2015)

height at withers 61 cm

  In Europe are prefered dogs which exacly correspond the standard, both not too tall and with medium strenght of body build. She won't waste her engergy on details, but when there's a need, she will intervent very fast to solve the problem. On every dog show Tajga was descibed as a typical representative of the breed.       Tajga is a hunting bitch. Her instinct has shown whe she was a puppy,  and because we live next to hunting areas she can train it all the time.       Tajga's character is typical for weimaraners: suspicious to strangers, but not agressive. She likes people who visit us regulary, but she won't anyone in who she doesn't know. Things she appreciate most are repose and sleep.


OPOLE 2001              Gold Medal ,Junior Winner
BYTOM 2001              Gold Medal ,Junior Winner , BOB
GOŁUCHÓW 2001     Klub, Silver Medal
GDYNIA 2001           Gold Medal ,Junior Winner
CHORZÓW 2001       Gold Medal, CAC.
WROCŁAW 2001     Silver Medal
RYBNIK 2001           Gold Medal, BOB , CAC, II BOG.
ZABRZE 2001           Gold Medal, CAC
KATOWICE 2002     Silver Medal
OPOLE 2002              Gold Medal, CAC, CACIB
CHORZÓW 2002       Gold Medal, CAC, ,BOB, II BOG.
WROCŁAW 2002     Silver Medal
KATOWICE 2003      Gold Medal,V1
OPOLE 2003              Champion Class -Gold Medal, CAC, Res. CACIB.