We have puppies - 4 girls and 3 boys.

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 Our Kennel „Canis fortuna”(Dog's Luck) is typical home-held breed. Puppies that live in our house have continous contact with its inhabitants, so they can learn rules of living with people. At the same time they are raised in a pack what allows them to know dog rules as well. This is very important for forming further attitude towards the human.      Most puppies socialize with wit humans till the 8th week of life. If during this period human will not try to be dog's friend, but just someone who brings pot with food, It will be almost impossible to create real friendship between dog and it's owner. Thanks to contact with puppies we are able to advise futher owners which dog should they choose and which one fits best. With every client we sign an agreement that contains all transaction conditions, guarantee that the dog is 100% healthy. All puppies are vaccinated and dehelminthizated, every puppies has birth cerfiticate and the book of health.